Kāinga Ora is proactively releasing the Weekly Reports as provided to the Minister of Housing.

These documents do not necessarily reflect the current status of the content.  Where necessary, redactions have been made in accordance with the Official Information Act 1982 and the Privacy Act 2020.

Where information has been withheld, no public interest has been identified that would outweigh the reason for  withholding it. The relevant OIA grounds that apply to these documents primarily include, but are not limited to:

  • Section 9(2)(a) to protect the privacy of natural persons
  • Section 9(2)(f)(iv) to protect the confidentiality of advice tendered by Minister’s if the Crown and officials
  • Section 9(2)(g)(i) to maintain the effective conduct of public affairs through the free and frank expression of opinion
  • Section 9(2)(h) to maintain legal professional  privilege

2023 weekly reports

Page updated: 18 June 2024