Provide feedback or a complaint

If you have a complaint you’d like us to sort out, a suggestion you’d like to make, or a story you’d like to share about a job well done, we want to hear from you.

Pets image Pets

We know that pets can be great companions and we want our tenants and their whanāu to experience the many benefits of pet ownership.

Akld fencing work Fences

If your property borders our tenant’s home and you have plans for the fence-line, we will consider contributing to the cost of a new fence or an improvement to an existing fence, but you'll need to give us written notice.

Storm damage image Ground issues, trees and storm damage

If you have any issues with ground maintenance, tree maintenance, or problems with storm damage, contact us.

Drain overflowing image Drainage and easements

If you require access to our properties or our consent for drainage issues or easements, you will need to provide us with the correct information.

Illegal structure iStock 1368655742 Illegal structures and unauthorised alterations

If you suspect an illegal structure, or an unauthorised alteration to Kāinga Ora property you should contact us.

Consents, land sales and public works

If you are a private owner and have questions around Resource Management Act consents or Partial land sales contact us with specific information.