Tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal document. It tells you what you should expect from us and what we expect from you.

Supporting you in your home

We’re here to support you and your whānau in your Kāinga Ora home with a genuine focus on wellbeing.


Find out how to make sure rent payments are as easy as possible. We are here to help you.

Maintaining your home

Maintaining your Kāinga Ora home, making disability modifications and what to know when tradespeople are visiting your home.

Visits and access

Sometimes your home will need repairs. See what we can do for you and what you might be able to do yourself.

Being a good neighbour

Being a good neighbour is an important part of living in your community. We encourage all our tenants to act as good neighbours.

Having a pet

Kāinga Ora is a pet friendly landlord. Pets can be great companions and getting a pet (or keeping the one you may already have) can be a big help to our wellbeing.

Moving out

There are many reasons you may need to move to another home. We’re here to help, so give us a call if you want to move and we can chat about your situation, your housing needs and what housing options you may have.

Change in circumstance

By letting us know as soon as there’s a change in your living arrangements or income, Kāinga Ora and the Ministry of Social Development can make sure you get the best support available to you.

Tenants' choice to return

To meet growing demand for warm, dry state houses, Kāinga Ora is building thousands of new homes. Before we can start though, we often have to rehouse tenants into another home to make way for redevelopment.

Advocating on behalf of customers

If you plan to advocate on behalf of a Kāinga Ora tenant, you will need their permission before we can discuss their situation with you.


Check your account, rent balances, maintenance requests and so much more online using MyKāingaOra – our app just for tenants, - very much like MyMSD and MyIR.

Glenavon 1 Close to Home tenant newsletter

Close to Home is a tenant newsletter supported by Kāinga Ora. Read about local communities, recipes, tips, advice and staying safe around the home.

Our customer stories

Our tenants have extraordinary stories to tell and we’re proud to highlight those who are helping make their community a great place to live.