We’re here to support you and your whānau in your Kāinga Ora home with a genuine focus on wellbeing.

If you want to talk to us, please get in touch. We can answer questions about your tenancy, give you information and support, or book maintenance for your home. We’ll help as quickly as we can so you have the tools and support you need to live well in your home and community.

Your Housing Support Manager

They’re the person you’ll probably know best at Kāinga Ora. Their role has both te reo Māori and English names:

  • Kaitoko Kāinga / Housing Support Manager
  • Kaitoko Kāinga Matua / Senior Housing Support Manager

Our goal is for you to feel safe, secure and supported in your home, connected to your community and in control over your life and wellbeing. Your Housing Support Manager is focused on helping you achieve this, and on building a trusting relationship with you.

Working together

We pair your Housing Support Manager with you and your whānau based on their skills, expertise and knowledge of the community, rather than the house you are in. Our Housing Support Managers all around the country work together to provide our tenants with the right support.

This might mean you don’t have the same Housing Support Manager as your neighbour, but they work together as part of the same group or Awhi Rito. As always, your Housing Support Manager is there to help – give them a call if you need them.

Your journey with Kāinga Ora

Whether you’re just moving in, are currently living in a Kāinga Ora home, or are ready to move on, remember that we’re here to help. We’re committed to supporting you on your journey with us and work hard to make your experience with us a positive one.

Your Housing Support Manager plays an important part in achieving this – when you first become a Kāinga Ora customer, they’ll be available to make sure you have everything you need to settle into your home, neighbourhood and community.

They’ll also provide ongoing support to help you to live well in your home. They’ll keep in touch and can make time to meet with and support you and your whanau, if that’s what you’d like or need. If you need anything, there are a few different ways you can get in touch.

Page updated: 4 July 2023