Why we’re good at what we do

Kāinga Ora is New Zealand’s largest residential landlord and largest client of residential building services. We partner with other agencies, local government and iwi, as well as private partners, to deliver the Government’s housing priorities and help develop sustainable, inclusive and thriving communities. 

Our organisation is equipped to deliver warm, dry and safe housing across New Zealand. In the 2018-19 financial year, Kāinga Ora delivered the largest number of new homes in one year in recent history – 1,461 state homes. This is just the start of annual delivery of hundreds of new public and other homes for the foreseeable future.

Kāinga Ora has the right capabilities to tackle New Zealand’s current and future challenges. We have acquired expertise as a lead developer through large-scale residential projects such as Hobsonville Point(external link) and McLennan(external link) in Auckland’s Takanini. 

Design and planning

Kāinga Ora’s construction activities incorporate design principles and controls that ensure the housing we develop is of good quality and meets the needs of the communities we serve.

When we build we consider infrastructure, like roads and amenities, such as parks, to create neighbourhoods that are functional, attractive and that further local community aspirations. 

We have design guidelines in place for the building of state housing and our standard and bespoke designs for new homes apply Te Aranga Design Principles(external link). These principles are founded on intrinsic Māori cultural values and aim to enhance mana whenua presence, visibility and participation in urban design.

In Auckland’s CBD, Kāinga Ora is delivering 276 apartments on Greys Avenue(external link). The design has been developed in partnership with Ngāti Whātua Orakei utilising Te Aranga principles. This has enabled us to develop the project in a way that is shaped by Māori culture and identity.

Ensuring that housing is appropriately mixed

On top of that, our commitment to ensuring the housing we develop has a good mix of public, market and affordable homes (including KiwiBuild and other affordable options) means that the housing we’re supplying meets the needs of a wide range of New Zealanders.

Public housing - comprises the new and existing state homes that Kāinga Ora builds and manages for decades. Our development programmes replace, upgrade and add to New Zealand’s existing state homes.

Affordable housing - Homes in more affordable price ranges will feature in many of our new housing developments. This includes those looking for their first home.

Market Housing - Providing a variety of types of new homes is vital to addressing the country’s housing needs. Market homes are being built within neighbourhoods that also include community housing and KiwiBuild homes to create vibrant and diverse communities. By bringing a greater supply of homes to the general market for purchase we hope to help ease the pressure on pricing.

Universal design

We are improving the accessibility of our new and existing state homes for our customers. Our goal is to provide safe homes which enable people to live with independence, be able to invite whānau and friends to visit, and be part of the community they live in without barriers.

We have committed to building at least 15% of new state homes to our full universal design standards. We are also focussed on providing modifications to our older homes where needed.   

Universal design delivers public housing that is more liveable for the entire population, including (but not limited to) young and growing families, people of all ages who experience temporary injury or illness, those with mobility, visual or cognitive impairments, and the growing aging population. 

Universal design covers the following broad areas:

  • Access: wide paths from car-parking area and street, step-free where possible, or the ability to install a ramp in future.
  • Usability: easy to use door and cabinetry handles, bathroom and bedroom on the same entry level as the main living area (or be adaptable to include these two features at a later stage.
  • Safety: slip-resistant flooring in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Adaptability: bathroom size suitable for conversion to be fully accessible if needed in the future.

Read more about our Accessibility Policy.

Our new state homes

State houses have been part of the New Zealand landscape for more than 100 years. Many of our houses are more than 50 years old, are nearing the end of their lives and no longer meet the needs of our tenants and their whānau. For example the typical three-bedroom state house doesn’t always suit tenants who are either living alone or have larger families.

Alongside this, demand for housing, particularly in our main centres, is outpacing supply.

We are leading the biggest state housing build programme in decades to help address this shortage. We have delivered 1,000's of homes and will see 1,000's more new state homes delivered in towns and cities throughout New Zealand.

These new homes will make better use of land and reflect the needs of our tenants and their families. Our homes will be built to meet modern standards, be fully insulated with double glazing and provide comfortable, modern spaces for our tenants.

In addition to building more homes, we’re also refurbishing many of our existing ones. This renewal programme will see 75% of our properties upgraded over the next 20 years, improving their durability and energy efficiency, and supporting better health outcomes for our customers.

Our new build and renewal programme will see us invest $5.6 billion in our state houses from 2018 to 2022 – the largest investment in our houses for decades providing better quality homes for people and their families.

Page updated: 15 June 2021