In our homes

Universal design delivers public housing that is more liveable for the entire population, including (but not limited to) young and growing families, people of all ages who experience temporary injury or illness, those with mobility, visual or cognitive impairments, and the growing aging population. 

Universal design covers the following broad areas:

  • Access: wide paths from car-parking area and street, step-free where possible, or the ability to install a ramp in future.
  • Usability: easy to use door and cabinetry handles, bathroom and bedroom on the same entry level as the main living area (or be adaptable to include these two features at a later stage).
  • Safety: slip-resistant flooring in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Adaptability: bathroom size suitable for conversion to be fully accessible if needed in the future (so that if we need to we can retrofit) by the way retrofit is for entire programme.

For our customers

We are improving the accessibility of our new and existing state homes for our customers. Our goal is to provide safe homes which enable people to live with independence, be able to invite whānau and friends to visit, and be part of the community they live in without barriers.

Kāinga Ora has signed an Accessibility Charter.(external link) In the charter, we commit to making sure our customers can interact with our services in a way that meets their individual needs and promotes their independence and dignity. This means we ensure we interact with people through a range of accessible formats including large print and captioned videos.

Our Policy

Accessibility Symposiums

Our inaugural Accessibility Symposium was held in 2019, followed by events in 2020 and 2022. We look to these symposiums as an opportunity to provide an update on the progress we have made against the current policy and our plans for the next iteration. It’s also a great chance for us to connect, and to hear attendees’ feedback on what they would like to see reflected in the next policy update.

Page updated: 21 March 2023