As well as stand-alone state and market homes, we are delivering duplexes, two or three-level walk-ups, terraced homes and apartment buildings. We are delivering more multi-level buildings in New Zealand’s main urban centres. In Auckland, for example, greater intensification is possible through the Unitary Plan.


A stand-alone home is a free-standing residential building. It is sometimes referred to as a single-family home, as opposed to a multi-family residential home.

Take a 3D walk-through of a stand-alone home(external link).

Bridge Street


Duplexes are residential buildings comprising two homes with separate entrances. For Kāinga Ora these homes are typically side by side and have two-bedrooms.

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Kawakawa Lane


Apartments provide low maintenance living for small households. Research has shown that well-designed and compact, low-rise apartment buildings can create a sense of community. Kāinga Ora apartments are typically one- and two-bedroom homes.

Banff Avenue

Terraced homes

Terraced homes are joined with their neighbour on one or both sides to form a row. They use land more efficiently and so are more affordable than stand-alone homes. Our terraces range from two to four-storeys in height.

Take a 3D walk-through of a terraced home(external link).

Maria Street

Maria Street


Walk-up buildings are typically two or three-storeys high. These apartment buildings offer predominantly one- and two-bedroom units. Kāinga Ora typically utilises this typology in suburban areas close to town centres to make the most of smaller sites. Their low height means that elevators are not required.

Take a 3D walk-through of a walk-up home(external link).

Bader Drive, McKenzie Road and Cessna Place

Page updated: 28 September 2022