In August, we marked an important milestone for our Auckland large-scale projects, in which we extended the contract for our alliance to continue to deliver the design and construction of infrastructure and enable land for development.

The five-year extension through to December 2028 represents a programme of infrastructure and civil delivery that will enable around 6,000 new homes across Auckland.

Land development on the scale we are undertaking requires significant input and collaboration from a range of agencies, and we know that the alliance model continues to be the most effective way we can deliver the land needed to support more homes in our Auckland large-scale projects.

We have undertaken a significant evaluation process over the past few months, and the signing of the new contract signals a new phase for the alliance, one that is focused on collaboration, cost, programme performance, and quality.

And with this new phase, comes a new name: the LEAD Alliance.

LEAD stands for Land Enablement and Delivery and is a group of companies combining skills and experience to lead the design and construction of infrastructure of New Zealand’s largest urban development programme. This includes creating builder-ready land, the construction of new roads, parks and amenities, and of course vital infrastructure to support more resilient neighbourhoods.

We are proud to have the LEAD Alliance as our partner in this transformative change.

The LEAD alliance partners are Dempsey Wood Holdings Limited, Harrison Grierson, Hick Bros Holdings Limited, Tonkin + Taylor, and Woods.

Representatives from Kāinga Ora and the LEAD Alliance on-site at the Northcote large-scale project