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  • Location:

    Te Kawa Road, Greenlane, Auckland, Auckland
  • Land area:

    731 sqm
  • Type:

    Stand-alone homes
  • Total new homes:

  • Rooms:

    1 four-bedroom and 1 five-bedroom
  • Status:

    Estimated completion second half 2024

Community engagement and resources

What do the zones mean?

Mixed Housing Suburban zone: The zone enables intensification, while retaining a suburban built character. Development within the zone will generally be two storey detached and attached housing in a variety of types and sizes to provide housing choice (up to 9m in height). Up to three dwellings on a site are permitted as of right, subject to compliance with the standards for this zone.

How will you address parking?

The site will be accessed via one vehicle crossing from Te Kawa Road.  Four carparking spaces are proposed as part of the development, with two allocated to each dwelling. Kāinga Ora has propose four off-street carparks.

What is happening with the Trees?

Our starting position in a Kāinga Ora development is always to ask “can we keep the tree?” and if not, “can we replace it with another tree, ideally a native?”.

Following an indepth-assessment by an Arborist and landscape architects, and in keeping with our tree and vegetation policy, the +70 year old Puriri tree and the plum tree at the rear of the property will remain, as will the ficus hedge on the neighbouring side and the Karo tree and cherry tree at the front of 96 Te Kawa Road.

The Himalayan Cedar at the front of the property is being removed, as its large rootzone would be impacted by the new homes. The existing Kowhai, monkey apple, apple and one of the plum trees are also being removed.

Our intention is to plant more than we remove, which includes planting of new trees and shrubs. The planned new planting for 96 Te Kawa Road will include four additional fruit trees: mandarin, lemon, feijoa and apple. A Forest pansy tree will also be planted, and at least seven other plants, including: high shrubs, more hedging, low shrubs and groundcover.  Please see the planting schedule above.

Page updated: 13 March 2023