Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities is charged with delivering ever increasing numbers of new state homes and either replacing or retrofitting a significant portion of our existing, aging housing portfolio. We are focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of residential construction in New Zealand, beginning with our own performance.

This document, Building Momentum - our construction plan for future homes, outlines how we will do that while working with the broader construction industry to improve the way state housing is delivered throughout the country. It’s a new way of thinking and building - alongside the industry.

Download Building Momentum - our construction plan for future homes [PDF, 4.9 MB]

Download Building Momentum one-page implementation plan [PDF, 61 KB]

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Building Momentum signals three key priorities:

  1. modelling behaviour changes, such as in how we collaborate
  2. sharing our learning to help transform the construction industry
  3. focusing our effort into five priority areas:
    • Partnering
    • Innovation
    • Design Quality
    • Delivery
    • Sustainability

Our system / approach diagram

To get involved, make contact with the Building Momentum team via buildingmomentum@kaingaora.govt.nz

Building Momentum outreach events

Building Momentum was created during 2020 as a means of collaborating with the industry to achieve the rising build targets set for Kāinga Ora for new public and supported housing. The framework was developed with and for the industry, so the Building Momentum team hosts regular outreach events to ensure our stakeholders see what’s being achieved under the plan.

Upcoming events

  • Auckland 11 August
  • Wellington 18 August
  • Christchurch 24 August

Note: venues and times to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Topic: Broader Outcomes for better business, buildings and community successes.

Content: Broader Outcomes is a globally innovative approach to procurement, and Kāinga Ora is leading the way in New Zealand. The businesses we partner with have an integral role to play in how we deliver better social outcomes together. Hear from Kāinga Ora and industry leaders on how we can deliver better buildings and communities alongside growing more apprentices, enabling Māori-led businesses, and supporting better mental health outcomes.

You can read presentations and view videos from these events at the links below.  If you would like to receive updates and event invitations email buildingmomentum@kaingaora.govt.nz

Building Momentum webinar series

Our Building Momentum webinar series aims to provide an insightful and engaging way to share some of our key construction initiatives, progress and insights with the industry.

As a sector we’re being challenged to adapt and rethink our practices with urgency, as we strive to meet climate targets and respond to ongoing market uncertainty. As the country’s largest client of residential construction services, Kāinga Ora is extremely well placed to help lead that change, and we recognise the importance of collaborating with the industry on the ways in which we can all deliver cost-effective, higher performance homes.

There’s no question that we need our industry partners to work alongside us, challenging us and suggesting ways we can go further. We hope that you enjoy hearing about our challenges and lessons learned on this journey, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback on past or future topics.

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Building momentum presentations

Page updated: 15 July 2022