The two documents hold equal mana – they are interdependent but connected, through a shared outcomes framework and statement of intent.

Our position

Shaping the housing and urban development system is at the heart of Strategy 2030.

Kāinga Ora has many touchpoints across the entire housing and urban development environment. We need to use that position, our mandate and our long-term view to achieve our goals on behalf of New Zealanders. We have a desire to effect change, for the better, and that is about choosing to do things differently.

It is also about partnering authentically and effectively to increase housing supply and provide pathways for people into secure warm and healthy rental accommodation or get them into their own home.

Aligning our mahi with Strategic Priorities

We have chosen five strategic priorities to focus on now that will help us achieve our long-term outcomes.

Strategic Priorities are not the only things we do, but are so critical to success that we will concentrate our resources and current activity around them. These priorities inform and guide the various parts of Kāinga Ora that deliver on our housing priorities and provide quality housing and services for New Zealanders.

Thinking today and improving tomorrow

Strategy 2030 defines our context, vision for the future and strategic response. It includes our priorities and importantly, shows the measures of success needed to achieve them. 

The document is designed to cover an eight year horizon which encompasses two budget cycles. It will be refreshed as government direction and market conditions change to align our activities with the external environment.

Read the Kāinga Ora Strategy 2030 [PDF, 1.9 MB] and Te Rautaki Māori o Kāinga Ora 2021 - 2026

Page updated: 29 March 2023