The demand for our homes has changed since the majority of social housing was built prior to 1980. Today, we need more one- and two-bedroom homes and five-bedroom homes in our main centres.

To meet this demand we look to redevelop, build, buy and lease houses where we need them. To help fund this work it makes sense that we look to sell some properties.

Properties may be sold for a variety of reasons, including the property being old and too expensive to maintain, no longer meeting customer needs, not performing financially, or it not being in the right place to meet demand.

Our commitment for the future is that state houses are part of healthy and sustainable communities including state, social and privately owned properties.

Housing statistics - Managed stock

Kāinga Ora is the country’s largest residential landlord. We own or manage more than 60,000 properties.

As part our work we are continually working to ensure that we have enough of the right kinds of homes, in the right places, to meet demand.

Currently we have too many homes in provincial areas and not enough homes in urban areas where there is a higher level of social housing demand. We also have too many three-bedroom homes and not enough smaller units or homes for larger families in areas of demand. To better meet demand and improve the condition of our homes we are working to reconfigure our portfolio.

Current reports - 4 September 2023

Managed stock - June 2023 - National summary

Managed stock - June 2023 - Territorial Local Authority

Managed stock - June 2023 - Auckland Local Board

Housing statistics - Vacant Properties

Like any landlord, at any point in time Kāinga Ora has some properties that are vacant while one tenancy ends and another begins. During this short time the property is being inspected to make sure there is no tenant damage and carry out any maintenance work before a new tenant can move in.

Kāinga Ora long-term vacant properties are generally being held vacant pending redevelopment, are methamphetamine contaminated, or are undergoing major repairs and upgrades.

House vacant and pending sale includes those for sale under the Tenant Home Ownership programme.

Current reports - 4 September 2023

Vacant properties - June 2023 - National summary

Vacant properties - June 2023 - Territorial Local Authority

Vacant properties - June 2023 - Auckland Local Board

The Ministry of Social Development report

The Ministry of Social Development publishes a quarterly social housing report(external link), which can be found on their website. Note that there may be some variations in MSD and Kāinga Ora reporting. This is due to differences in timing and processes. The MSD data provides a snapshot at a specific point in time, the Kāinga Ora data is drawn from an operational database that reflects changes in tenant status.

Archived reports

You can read older reports in our Housing Statistics archive section.

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