In a New Zealand first for multi-tenancy buildings, Fletcher Living recently built a two storey duplex home at Hobsonville Point in just three days, and a second, attached home in one day. Finishing the homes will take a further six weeks, compared to 22 weeks for a conventional build.

The project came about after Fletcher Living could find nothing nationally or internationally to meet its needs - a quick-build, offsite constructed multi-tenancy home. So, Fletcher Building’s Group Innovation team worked to develop an in-house solution. They took a tested Fletcher Living duplex home and redesigned it into offsite-manufactured components using new systems to join the panels, floor and roof sections. Fletcher Building aims to make the panelised product available to others in the industry, to greatly improve new build delivery times across New Zealand.

This is the second panelised duplex to be built by Fletcher Living. The first was also built at Hobsonville Point, in April this year, and was weathertight in just four days. After interior and exterior finishing, it was signed off by Auckland Council and ready for sale six weeks later. 

With two successful test cases under their belt, Fletcher Living plan to begin building panelized homes at scale. They’ve identified a number of further efficiencies that they believe will allow them to deliver homes at Hobsonville Point and other high-growth areas at a rate of one duplex every two days.

HLC also has a pilot programme planned that will see builder partners delivering modular homes as one part of the typology mix for the Axis Series of affordable housing. The procurement process for this project is well underway, and building will begin in the near future.

Click here(external link) to see a video of Fletcher Living’s two storey duplex home being built in three days at Hobsonville Point.