The introduction of the Urban Development Act further enables Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities to deliver urban developments and support thriving communities across New Zealand.

Kāinga Ora acting Chief Executive Greg Groufsky says the Act, which came into effect today, is an important tool to support Kāinga Ora in its urban development role and how it supports communities to thrive, socially and economically.

"The Act enables Kāinga Ora, in partnership with mana whenua, communities, councils, developers and others, to deliver more housing and infrastructure at greater pace and scale which is much needed across the country," says Greg.

"This includes engaging early and partnering with Māori and actively pursuing shared opportunities for Māori participation in urban development projects."

The Act creates a process to establish a new type of urban development known as a specified development project.

Specified development projects are designed to deliver improved urban development outcomes within defined areas, including a mix of housing types, good transport connections, employment and business opportunities, key infrastructure, community facilities, and green spaces.

These projects are likely to be established with a goal of providing significant housing supply in high growth areas, and will help ensure that growth is planned and managed to give high quality urban outcomes.

"Through our former and current housing projects, and large scale urban developments, we’ve established productive and beneficial working relationships with partners throughout New Zealand which has delivered more housing and helped create well-connected communities," says Greg.

"The new Act is a great base to work off as we look ahead to working more closely with others to deliver great homes and great communities."

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Page updated: 7 August 2020