To help meet demand for public housing, Kāinga Ora has underway the largest state housing build programme in decades with thousands of new homes delivered in recent years.

The demand for our homes has changed since the majority of social public housing was built prior to 1980. Today, we need more one- and two-bedroom homes and five-bedroom homes in our main centres.

To meet this demand we redevelop our existing sites, typically replacing one older home past its commercial life with two or three quality new homes. We also buy and lease some houses where we need them.

Housing statistics - Managed stock

Kāinga Ora is the country’s largest residential landlord. We own or manage more than 72,000 properties.

As part of our work we are continually working to ensure that we have enough of the right kinds of homes, in the right places, to meet demand.

To better meet demand in locations across the country and improve the condition of our homes we are working to reconfigure our portfolio.

Current reports - 17 April 2024

Managed stock - December 2023 - National summary

Managed stock - December 2023 - Territorial Local Authority

Managed stock - December 2023 - Auckland Local Board

Housing statistics - Vacant Properties

We have changed the way we report vacant homes, aiming to more accurately represent the status of our homes, by clearly differentiating between vacant homes, which are homes being made available to re-tenant and those that are not (homes removed from service).

Previously, some homes and sites within the construction process, retrofit programme or sale/lease return categories were categorised as vacant, with an inference they were available to live in. This was not an accurate representation of our vacant portfolio.

Current reports - 17 April 2024

Vacant properties - December 2023 - National summary

Vacant properties - December 2023 - Territorial Local Authority

Vacant properties - December 2023 - Auckland Local Board

Homes removed from service

These are homes that are not available to let because:

  • they have been removed, or in the process of being removed, so the site can be redeveloped,
  • homes that are undergoing major repairs,
  • homes have significant retrofit work underway, or are being used as temporary accommodation for people whose homes are being retrofitted.

It also includes homes where the lease is due to expire, and properties to be sold.

Current reports - 17 April 2024

Homes removed - December 2023 - National summary

Homes removed - December 2023 - Territorial Local Authority

Homes removed - December 2023 - Auckland Local Board

Other useful housing statistics

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development produces the Housing Dashboard(external link) which is a single place to track progress of key parts of the Government’s housing programme.

They also produce quarterly reports(external link) which track progress, and shares data on public housing and transitional housing supply, homelessness programmes, and other housing support. You'll also find regional reports, with a local view of this information.

The Ministry of Social Development provides updates on the Housing Register(external link), broken down by assessed priority, household demographics, and region (Territorial Authority and local board for Auckland).

Archived reports

You can read older reports in our Housing Statistics archive section.

Page updated: 17 April 2024