On any given day, St George’s Road development in Avondale is a hive of organised activity.

Our two build companies Kalmar Construction and Miles Construction, and their sub-contractors, are working on a large development of 102 homes ranging from two-level terraced homes to six-level apartments.

An event was held recently to mark the completion of the highest part of the build. Kāinga Ora Programme Director Nick Seymour says adding a roof onto a building is significant, and he acknowledged workers’ efforts in making it happen.

“Part of today is to recognise all of you here. Co-ordinating trades on a site this large is challenging, but this is a very well-run site and you guys make it look easy.

“By building the homes that our customers need, you’re contributing to changing people’s lives.

“Our role at Kāinga Ora is not just about building homes, it’s about building communities. It’s about creating a sense of place for people,” Nick says.

Render of the new St George's Road development

“That’s why this ambitious development will also contain a multi-purpose community room, landscaping, shared green space and a tenancy office.”

The development sits on a 9,645 sqm site. It previously contained 12 state houses and a plot of land managed by Panuku Development Auckland on behalf of Auckland Council.

As well as working with Panuku to purchase the underutilised land, Kāinga Ora partnered with Auckland Transport to provide a connection to the Western Cycleway through the development. 

Kalmar Director Rob Cunnington says it’s been a great project to work on. “I’d like to say a huge thanks to Kāinga Ora, and particularly to the programme team. 

“This is a complex site and every person here has had a role to play. It’s a nice, tidy, organised site, which makes it much easier to keep the ship running smoothly.”

The development is expected to have customers move in well in advance of Christmas, with completion due in October.

Rick Hattingh, Phil Williams, George Kubicki and Rob Cunnington from Kalmar Construction. Cara Doonan (centre) and Nick Seymour (far right) from Kāinga Ora.


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Page updated: 29 March 2021