With all the housing development in the area, especially around the triangle formed by the cleared sites on Fraser Avenue, Tonar Street and Lake Road where the bulk of the civil works are under way, it made sense to offer the locals a chance to jump on a digger too. Excavators, rollers and other big machines had lines of excited kids, mums and dads ready for a unique photo opportunity.

In the giant sandpit was the chance to hone the skills on mini diggers and get stuck in with the buckets and spades, building sand-houses.

Tamariki could also practice a bit of construction with building blocks and kit-set playground equipment while mums and dads grabbed a coffee and the littlest ones listened to ‘The Little Yellow Digger’ on the reading mat.

The local Pirihimana were kept busy, but only with queues of children wanting to take their turn in the Police car on the sirens, lights and horns.

In the tents, the community could get updates on progress of the market, state and affordable homes that are being built in the area.

The Northcote Digger Day was arranged by the teams from the Northcote Development as well as Auckland Council, Healthy Waters, Kaipatiki Communities Facilities Trust and Panuku Development Auckland.

The event was a great way to thank the Northcote community for their patience during the construction activity and road closures that can cause some disruption. Soon, Northcote will be full of brand new, warm and dry homes, Greenslade Reserve will receive an upgrade, and the thriving community will have a positive impact on everyone.

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Page updated: 8 October 2019