Neta and nine of her neighbours were invited by Kāinga Ora to join a free, 8-week digital literacy course run in partnership with 360 Tautua Trust, an organisation supporting elderly Pasifika.

“It’s very relaxed and friendly, we were all learning together and we had lots of fun along the way,” says Neta.

Before the course, Neta had only basic technology skills and felt overwhelmed when she tried to use websites or apps. Her children and grandchildren were agile users of smartphones and laptops, but Neta was out of the loop.

The course aims to educate participants about how to use the internet safely, steer clear of scams, email and browse websites, take and store photographs, and use apps - particularly banking apps, MyKaingaOra and MyMSD.

“The programmes are specifically designed to suit our elderly whānau, to help build their knowledge and enhance their lives when using technology,” explains trainer Fa’aulu from 360 Tautua.

To celebrate completing the course, a graduation ceremony was held and Neta was proud to receive a certificate – “the first certificate of my life,” she says.

The course was led in both Sāmoan and English, and at the end each participant could buy a Chromebook for just $50 so they could stay connected from home.

Neta says her newfound skills in technology have helped unlock the digital world - she particularly enjoys watching YouTube videos and chatting with her grandchildren by video call.

And her daughter Florence says it’s plain to see how Neta’s confidence has improved since the course.

“She used to say, ‘Oh, I don’t know how to do this’ but now she’ll say, ‘OK, I can do that’ and ‘I wonder what this is? Let me have a look’. And she’s very good with emojis!”

At Kāinga Ora, we’re proud to support the wellbeing of our customers by offering opportunities for learning to stay connected in the digital world.   

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Page updated: 12 March 2024