The Kāinga Ora customer and Tasha moved into their new one-bedroom unit earlier this year because his previous home in another part of Blenheim was being redeveloped.

“I didn’t want to leave my old home at first because I do a paper delivery in the area. But my old house was going, and this house came up,” Peter says.

“The flat is nice and cosy and I don’t need the heating on because of the double-glazed windows,” Peter explains. “Now I’m close to Countdown and town…everything is close by. I have arthritis which slows me down – and this home helps with the arthritis.”

Peter says Tasha the cat has also adjusted to her new surroundings well, especially because Peter’s neighbour from his previous home has also moved into the same complex. When Peter, a Speedway enthusiast, travels to other parts of the South Island, his neighbour is happy to lend a helping hand.

“My neighbour knows Tasha too and, when I go away, she feeds Tasha for me. My cat Tasha loves the new flat and has just got used to going out and visiting my neighbour, but stays inside at night.”

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Page updated: 8 November 2023