Kāinga Ora brings together the people, capabilities and resources of the KiwiBuild Unit, Housing New Zealand and its development subsidiary HLC. This is designed to enable a more cohesive, joined-up approach to delivering the Government’s priorities for housing and urban development in New Zealand. These priorities include addressing homelessness and making homes more affordable for New Zealanders.

Kāinga Ora has two key roles:

  • being a world-class public housing landlord
  • partnering with the development community, Māori, local and central government, and others on urban development projects of all sizes.

Kāinga Ora will continue to provide the tenancy services that were previously provided by Housing New Zealand, as well as maintaining and developing its public housing stock and providing home ownership products and other services. There are increased expectations on Kāinga Ora to prioritise tenants’ wellbeing, and provide tenants with good quality, warm, dry and healthy homes.

In its new urban development role, Kāinga Ora will work in partnership to deliver quality urban development that connects homes with jobs, transport, open spaces and the facilities they need. This includes accelerating the availability of build-ready land, and building a mix of housing including public housing, affordable housing, homes for first home buyers and market housing of different types, sizes and tenures.

A complementary Bill will be introduced later this year to help Kāinga Ora lead or facilitate certain urban development projects – called specified development projects – using coordinated development powers to speed up delivery. Kāinga Ora will be responsible for the specified development project process and the use of the associated powers, allowing others to access them through a range of different partnership approaches.

Kāinga Ora cannot do all this alone. We will partner with others, including councils, government agencies, local government, Māori and mana whenua, infrastructure providers, private developers, and community housing providers. We will enable and complement, rather than compete with, the private market.

One of our key functions is to understand, support and enable Māori aspirations for urban development. This will mean operating in a way that provides for early and meaningful engagement with Māori when doing urban development and the active pursuit of opportunities for Māori to participate in urban development.

Kāinga Ora and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development have complementary roles in housing and urban development. The Ministry is responsible for leadership in the housing and urban development system, policy, monitoring and advising the Government on strategic direction. Kāinga Ora is focused on providing public housing, providing home related financial assistance, initiating or undertaking urban development on its own or on behalf of others, and delivering aspects of the Government’s Build Programme.

Page updated: 13 November 2019