When engaging with suppliers, Kāinga Ora seeks to deliver social and commercial value by incorporating social and sustainable procurement objectives, where appropriate.

We endeavour to weave these objectives together with our commercial and community objectives, ensuring all strands are equal so that outcomes woven by Kāinga Ora for Aotearoa New Zealand are strong and robust, much like the harakeke itself.


  • Delivering resilient and thriving communities for all New Zealanders
  • Transforming the way New Zealanders live, play and work
  • Focusing on the wellbeing of current and future customers

Kāinga Ora cannot deliver in isolation. We partner with others, including councils, government agencies, local government, Iwi and Rōpū Māori, infrastructure providers, private developers, commercial partners, suppliers and community housing providers, to deliver value.

Our Social and Sustainable Procurement Framework supports our organisational objectives and our core vision to make a positive difference by building better, brighter homes, communities and lives, and aligns with the New Zealand Government’s objective to deliver greater value through expenditure, known as its ‘Broader Outcomes Framework.’

The Kāinga Ora Social and Sustainable Procurement objectives are the tūpuna (mature harakeke leaves) we weave into the fabric of our procurement activity. These tūpuna complement each other, and as our capability to incorporate them increases over time, we can deliver increasingly impactful results.

Our Key Commitments

While incorporating social and sustainable objectives into our procurement opportunities, the following commitments and intentions guide us.

Consider and provide for Māori interests

  • Engage with Iwi/ Rōpū Māori to understand and apply Te Ao Māori perspectives.
  • Identify, recognise and protect Māori land interests.
  • Understand current contracting with Māori entities and grow their commercial capability.
  • Support and enable the aspirations of Iwi/ Rōpū Māori.
  • Incorporate Te Ao Māori and targeted outcomes in our core contracts.

Empower Thriving Communities

  • Create opportunities for Kāinga Ora customers to be involved in local projects.
  • Prioritise the health and safety of workforce and communities.
  • Ensure suppliers are connected to the communities they work within.
  • Enable opportunities for Pasifika enterprises, social enterprises and local business.
  • Develop opportunities for social enterprises to deliver into projects.

Boost Workforce Development and Employment Opportunities

  • Invest in skills development opportunities for our target groups.
  • Encourage and support our suppliers to get involved with formal cadetships and training programmes.
  • Support pathways to employment in construction for targeted groups especially for Māori.
  • Identify opportunities to source goods and services from social enterprises and local businesses.

Be a Leader in Environmental Sustainability

  • Ensure construction planning includes construction waste minimisation, end-of-life recycling and disposal considerations.
  • Ensure all new construction incorporates sustainable products and favours renewable resources in product production.
  • Encourage and support suppliers to have carbon reduction targets in place.
  • Ensure sustainability impacts are managed throughout our supply chains, including strategies to avoid unnecessary use of materials, energy and resources and purchase only what is required.
  • Work to ensure we aren’t contributing to negative impacts through our procurement processes.
  • Select products guided by whole-of-life costs and environmental impact analysis.

Page updated: 7 March 2022