There are many reasons you may want to move to another home. If you want to move, call us to talk about your situation, your housing needs and what housing options you may have.

If your circumstances change and you need to move out you need to give us 28 days' notice in writing.

Complete and return this form to us: Notice to End Tenancy Agreement [PDF, 500 KB].

Moving to another Kāinga Ora home

If you want to move into another Kāinga Ora home, you should talk to our Customer Services Centre on 0800 801 601. We cannot guarantee there will be a suitable home available straight away. There is a waiting list for our homes and we will need to look at your circumstances and the housing available in your area. Access to all our homes is based on need.

If we find another home for you and you leave your place clean, tidy, undamaged and your payments are up to date, we will ask the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment(external link) to transfer your existing bond to your new home. We'll also arrange for any rent you've paid in advance to be transferred to your new home. You will need to arrange your furniture removal and to have your phone and power connected.

After you've given notice

Within 48 hours of receiving your notice we will send you a moving out checklist and arrange to inspect the property. We'll look at the Property Condition Report from when you moved in. If there's any damage, we'll discuss arrangements for repairs and payment with you.

You need to arrange for us to collect the keys from you at your home by ringing 0800 801 601. We'll do a last inspection and send you a final statement showing the rent you've paid and any money you owe.

If you change your mind

If you change your mind and do not want to move after all, we can let you do so only if we have not made other commitments in relation to the house. If you want to leave before the 28 days' notice is up, call us as soon as possible.

In some areas there is high demand for our homes and you may be able to leave sooner if your home or flat is left clean and tidy and we agree to terminate the tenancy early. If so, you'll only have to pay rent until the new tenant moves in.

If Kāinga Ora end your tenancy

If Kāinga Ora wish to end a tenancy, we must give you at least three months’ (90 days) written notice, unless we have a Tribunal Order granting a termination of the tenancy.

Once we give you notice, we will arrange a time to visit the property to assess any repairs needing to be done or damage fixed before you move out.

If you leave your house in good condition and your payments are up to date, we'll ask the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment’s Tenancy Services(external link)to refund your full bond.

Page updated: 14 February 2022