It is underpinned by a kaupapa Māori approach that recognises, respects and practices tikanga Māori.

Te Rautaki Māori aligns the mahi of Kāinga Ora with the goals of delivering housing and support services that better meet the needs of Māori and iwi across Aotearoa.

The vision for Te Rautaki Māori is the following:

He mana i te whenua, he kura kāinga, he whare haumaru, he puna ora, hei oranga tangata.

With pride of place, with a space to call home, with a protective house, let the spring of life prosper and bring wellbeing to all.

The vision statement sets out the long-term aspirations for Māori and housing.

The Values and principles are:

Mana Motuhake - Māori autonomy

Te Tiriti o Waitangi - Māori and Crown partner to deliver better outcomes for whānau

He Waka Hourua – Authentic and equitable partnerships

He kura kāinga, he kura whānau - Whānau at the centre

Kia manawaroa – Persistence and resilience

He mana tō te kupu – Consistent and timely follow-through

The values strengthen the approach towards the vision.

The Goals are:

  1. At Kāinga Ora, all Māori are housed in safe and affordable homes
  2. Significant and efficient scalling of increased housing options for Māori
  3. Māori-led solutions to Māori issues with the support of government

These are our goals for realisation of Māori aspirations

Our Pou

Our pou or key focus areas identify areas across the system that have been prioritised as requiring systemic and fundamental changes to enablement of reaching the vision.

Key actions

The key actions required to reach the goals, are high level enough to give an indication of the ‘how’.

Our Pou

The key actions in Te Rautaki Māori are underpinned by the four pou or focus areas:

Funding and Investment - To refocus investment in innovative housing solutions that are Māori-led.

Building Capability - Better jobs, training and more opportunities.

Partnership - Establish and nurture trusted relationships and partnerships.

Whānau wellbeing - Support whānau Māori in our homes and through the housing system.

Engagement with Iwi and Māori

Te Rautaki Māori was developed in partnership with three key tira or groups including Iwi leaders and Māori organisations, Māori housing experts and Government agency representatives. A kaupapa Māori approach was applied in the development of Te Rautaki Māori aiming to build trust with Iwi and Māori demonstrating genuine and authentic intentions.

The process of engagement involved kanohi ki te kanohi engagement however these were bought online due to Covid 19 where we could wānanga together in a safe way.

A kaupapa Māori approach also reflects our responsibilities to uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi under our legislation, Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities Act 2019. The wānanga discussed issues affecting Māori from achieving their housing goals and aspirations, and how Kāinga Ora can strengthen and build new relationships and partnerships with Iwi and Māori communities.

Download Te Rautaki Māori in Te Reo [PDF, 2 MB] and English [PDF, 2 MB]

Page updated: 21 December 2022