Roxanne, Area Manager, Matt, Manager Intensive Support and Gemma, Senior Stakeholder Relationship Manager represented Kāinga Ora at the Waikato Wellbeing Summit. The summit, held last month, hosted the Waikato Wellbeing Project, which launched its 10 targets, which aim to end poverty, fight inequality and take action on climate change.

These 10 targets have been turned into local targets from the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“You will see the first one is “our people are living in sufficient housing” – we obviously have a big role to play in that” says Gemma Brooks.

“We were part of a workshop that looked at what the barriers are currently to that goal, what some of the solutions could be and who the contributors are.”

Waikato Wellbeing Summit 10 targets

Waikato Wellbeing Summit 10 targets

Kāinga Ora is a member of the Waikato Housing Initiative and were invited as members of that to the summit. Other attendees were from local and central government, NGOs, government agencies, community groups and members of the community, including secondary school students.

The Prime Minister also attended the opening of the summit and has talked of her hope that the project will be used as a blueprint for other regions across New Zealand.

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Page updated: 9 March 2020