Maio and Jojo were excited when they found out they were part of the term two intake.

"I’ve learnt a lot about residential plumbing services these school holidays, visiting homes all over Auckland and providing plumbing support to our mentors.

"We’ve helped replace toilets, find leaks and learnt how to repair or replace pipes and taps.

"My family is really proud of me for doing this during my school holidays, and I’m glad I tried something new that gives me a goal for the future” Maio says.

Jojo explains that he had never thought about the importance of plumbing in a home before and how much he enjoyed the challange of problem solving.

"I really enjoyed using my hands and head to solve problems, and learning that every house has a water main that needs to be off before starting any jobs." Jojo says.

Replacing toilets, fixing taps, finding leaks and learning how to repair has been a fun and rewarding experience for both.

"I didn’t really think about plumbing as a career option before coming on the programme, I have learnt a lot from my mentor," he says.

Jojo, Maio and Ubend plumber Chris

After getting a taste of the industry both students have their sights set on going to trade school after they finish high school in the hopes of gaining an apprenticeship in the plumbing industry.

In 2019 former De La Salle student Chris, took part in the cadetship program 3 times, He’s been employed with Ubend for two years as an apprentice plumber.

If I hadn’t had the opportunity to take part in the cadetship programme while I was a student I’m not sure I would be a plumber today, Chris explains.

"My advice to students thinking about a career in plumbing is to put your hand up for every opportunity to do work experience that comes your way."

The cadetship programme has been running since 2018 and is a joint initiative between Kāinga Ora and maintenance partner Spotless.

The cadetship is designed to give Mangere youth exposure to different vocations and career advice, encourage employment and build confidence, as well as provide a proactive activity for the holidays.

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Page updated: 23 May 2022