The Northcote School Community Breakfast Club was established in 2018 and Kāinga Ora Tenancy Manager Alyssa, who manages homes in the community, has been actively involved from the start.

The club provides pupils and their families with a healthy breakfast of porridge, cereal, toast, baked beans, yoghurt, fruit and Milo.

Usually, about 40 pupils and their whānau attend the regular breakfasts.

For Alyssa, it’s a chance to connect with the community, chat with tenants and their children and give something back to the school and neighbourhood.

Recently, the last Breakfast Club of the year was held and neighbouring schools were also invited, meaning there were about 200 hungry and grateful mouths to feed.

The children and their parents queued politely as they were given plates and cups. They were served the usual food as well as some extra goodies like bacon and hash browns/potatoes.

The pupils then sat outside in the sunshine, enjoying the food and the atmosphere.

Children eating breakfast

Left: Ferndale School pupil Nathan was one of hundreds of kids to tuck into food at the Northcote School Breakfast Club end of year event. Middle: Kāinga Ora Tenancy Manager Alyssa serves up bacon and hash browns at the breakfast club. Right: Northcote School pupils Nimah and Ava loved their breakfast at the event.


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Page updated: 17 December 2019