For the Aukusitino family, who moved into their brand new home in mid-December, Christmas had definitely come early. “This is a Christmas present,” summed up how Iosofo Aukusitino and his wife and four children feel about their move.

“This home is the dream we have been waiting for, and we’re all sorts of excited to move in. We feel awesome in our new home. It is new and warm with clear, open air, and a better environment,” said Iosofo.

“We want to thank Kainga Ora for the opportunity. We will treat this home like it’s our own. We’re always telling the kids to pick things up!”

Alice, Wellington Area Manager, Kāinga Ora is so pleased to see the family able to move into one of these new homes in time for Christmas.

“This new warm, dry and healthy home will go a long way to helping the family’s health, and provide more space, and open living for the family.”

Alongside the Aukisitinos, Alice welcomed that some of the families moving into these new homes will come from emergency housing:

“Families who are currently in emergency housing will also be moving into these homes, so they can celebrate the holiday season and start 2020 with a great new place to call home.”

Having these families move in to the new homes will in turn free up space at emergency housing for people who are in urgent need of somewhere safe, warm and dry to stay over the holiday period, while they are supported to find somewhere more permanent to live.

The Aukisitino family is delighted to move into their new family home in time to celebrate Christmas.

The Aukisitino family is delighted to move into their new family home in time to celebrate Christmas.

Delivering more state housing in the Wellington region

The 12 new family homes at Strathmore, Wellington are a mix of 10 two-bedroom duplex units and 2 four-bedroom standalone homes. This replaces the previous five dwellings on the 2,383 sqm site owned by Kāinga Ora. The new, low maintenance state homes are fully insulated, and have double glazing to keep them warm and dry, and healthier.

These new homes are part of our wider build programme across the Wellington region that will transform our Wellington housing stock, creating many more modern and fit-for-purpose homes for our tenants to enjoy for decades to come.

We delivered 55 new homes in 2018/19 financial year, and are looking to deliver around another 190 over the next 2-3 years.

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Page updated: 23 December 2019