Local MP, Minister Hipkins along with several local officials and local iwi helped open these homes and a new street at a dawn blessing. 

The New Homes

A group of people standing roiund talking

Minister Hipkins has a look through the new homes with local officials, Trademark Construction, and Kāinga Ora staff

The new, low maintenance homes are fully insulated and have double glazing.

“These homes will be providing people and families with safe and warm environments to grow in,” says Patrick Dougherty, Deputy Chief Executive - Construction and Innovation at Kāinga Ora.

“The 12 one-bedroom homes have been built to an incredibly high standard, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new tenants become integral members of the community.”

This new development is a perfect example of how Kāinga Ora is working to better utilize their land and space, to house New Zealanders.

These new state homes are on a redeveloped Kāinga Ora site which previously only had four houses. This is the first of two stages, with the second stage scheduled to add a further 25 homes later this year.

The Hutt Valley Build Programme

There is an urgent need for more homes in the Hutt Valley, and these new homes are part of the wider work to build more homes at scale and pace to meet the rising need.

After having delivered 32 other homes across the Hutt Valley since January 2018, there will be a further 85 under construction in the Hutt, to meet the growing need for more homes.

As part of Kāinga Ora’s work to make our homes warmer, drier and healthier, our Retrofit programme has also seen a further 125 homes in the Hutt Valley upgraded last financial year, with more on the way.

Complexes such as their Jackson Street site are having units refurbished and upgraded, with new thermal upgrades such as new carpets and double glazed windows and also refurbished interiors.

A new road for these new homes

Kāinga Ora has also developed a new road to service these new homes. The new road, named Raumanuka Street, after Naenae’s Ridge, was one of many names put forward by the local Naenae Primary School. Working with local Iwi, the name was then picked by Hutt City Council.

Local Iwi bless the new road. Stage two of the development is visible in the background and will be finished at the end of 2020.

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Page updated: 17 July 2020