Senior Housing Support Manager Natalie who manages Peggy’s tenancy visited recently to congratulate her. “To get to 100 is absolutely awesome and I just couldn’t wait to see Peggy to congratulate her,” Natalie says.

Around 50 family and friends celebrated with Peggy at a special birthday party on her birthday. “Peggy wore a special crown, there were balloons everywhere, 3 different flavour birthday cakes and some locals even asked if they could also have their photo taken with Peggy. She was certainly the local celebrity,” Natalie says.

Across New Zealand, we have ten customers living in our Kāinga Ora homes that are 100 years or over. Seven of these customers live in Auckland.

Peggy says she thinks keeping an active body and mind has contributed to her longeivty. “I’ve always kept myself really busy.  Over the years, I’ve traced my family tree and all the information I found from my research is filed in the folders on the shelf behind me”, Peggy says.

“I have also done many bus trips around the South Island, worked in the tuck shop at the local primary school up the road and played bowls for years and years. I was also an active member of the League of Mothers, a local group of mums with young families who lived in the area. We met up regularly to talk about family stuff and bringing up children,” Peggy says.

“These days I look forward to watching all my favourite TV programmes. My favourite show is The Repair Shop on Friday night and of course, I get my daily fix of the The Chase – will you beat the chaser!”  Peggy quips”.

Peggy’s son Ken concurs. “I agree with what Mum is saying. Her lifelong wilingness to always give anything a go and keeping herself busy has contributed to her longetivity I’m sure,” Ken says.

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Page updated: 6 July 2023