More than 30 Massey High School students have earned trade skill qualifications while building new state homes in the first full year of a partnership with Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities.

Since partnering with Kāinga Ora, the Massey High School Building Academy has produced six new warm, dry state houses, with two more in the pipeline.

Among the students is 18-year-old Klay, who says the academy has helped him grow in confidence.

“It’s really rewarding to build new houses for people in need. When I leave the academy I would like to start an apprenticeship, maybe start a company, then someday hire my own apprentices.”

Massey High School Building Academy

Launched in 2012, the academy provides a pathway for young people to enter the trades, while working under the supervision of registered builders and teachers. The homes are built on the Massey High School campus, then transported to areas in need of housing.

The academy also attracts students from other schools, including 18-year-old Kelston Deaf Education Centre pupil Tyrese.

“I’m learning a wide range of skills like how to use different tools. I’ve also picked up important soft skills such as how to communicate with a wide range of people.”

For 17-year-old Re’al, the academy has given her the opportunity to forge an exciting career.

“In the future, I want to move to the land that my family owns and build a house.”

Massey High School Principal Glen Denham says the academy sets students up for long-term success.

“For the soul, for the wairua, for the spirt of our kids, it’s immense.”

All students in the academy achieved NCEA level 2 or 3, depending on their school year. The pupils also earned level 2 or 3 Building, Construction and Allied Trades Skills certificates.

Kāinga Ora General Manager Construction and Innovation Patrick Dougherty says: “These young people are the future of construction in New Zealand. We’re immensely proud of their work, enthusiasm and positive attitudes.” 

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Page updated: 22 December 2020