The Infrastructure Acceleration Fund (IAF) is a contestable fund designed to allocate funding to infrastructure projects that unlock housing development in the short to medium-term and enable a meaningful contribution to housing outcomes in areas of need. It aims to increase the pace and scale of housing delivery by helping to fund critical infrastructure needed for developments.

In order to secure the greatest impact from the IAF, locations that have infrastructure constraints and are facing the biggest housing supply and affordability issues will be prioritised, while also ensuring that there is an ability for quality projects from anywhere in Aotearoa to receive funding.

Eligible projects include the new or upgrading of infrastructure for drinking water, waste water, sewage, roading, and flood management, which wholly or primarily enable the building of new and additional homes. Eligible costs include early stage feasibility studies, design, consenting and in some cases land costs.

The IAF will be opened up to councils, Iwi and developers and will prioritise funding for:

  • Brownfield intensification and greenfield expansion with access to amenities and opportunities
  • Developments where infrastructure investments might otherwise not be funded or not funded quickly enough to meet housing demand
  • A spread of projects across multiple regions including large urban areas and regional centres
  • Value for money through co-funding, contributions and commitments from third parties, including councils
  • A steady pipeline of construction activity
  • Alignment with wider government objectives such as good urban planning, partnerships with Iwi and Māori and transition to a net zero emissions economy.

The process will include consideration of contributions from the councils, developers/landowners and others, both financial or non-financial, to ensure government investment will have maximum impact.

The IAF will be administered by Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities.

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Page updated: 22 June 2021