The church will be removed and ideally some parts of the church building, including the stained-glass windows, will be reused by people in the Hastings community.

One of the stained-glass windows the church hope will be reused

The Presbyterian Church Property Trustees decided to sell the church site after the St Marks congregation dissolved three years ago. The Church is a 1960s Lockwood type building and is in poor condition.

St Andrews, Hastings has been looking after the building facilities. They, along with the Presbyterian Church, were keen to see the large, well-connected site used to house Hastings people in need.

The church knows from working with the community that there is a strong demand for social housing, says Reverend Jill McDonald.

“This is based on government data and anecdotal evidence from our congregation. We want to see homes built that that work well for the community and for the people and whānau who will call the new houses ‘home’.”

“Our community needs to make available safe and stable homes for those who do not have an appropriate place to live. Too many of our people are spending the cold winter months living in cars, tents, garages, and overcrowded homes.”

“God has a particular love for people who are struggling and longs for the flourishing of all people. We know that housing is key to that happening. That is why the church wanted to see this unused land repurposed for social housing.”

Removal of the church building and outbuildings will begin from 10 June, 2024.

Anyone interested in the stained glass windows or other parts of the church should contact Stefan Christie at Central Demolition 

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Page updated: 10 June 2024