This significant development sees 54 old flats replaced with a mixture of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio apartments in buildings ranging from two to five storeys. These homes are designed to provide more than just shelter - they offer a fresh start and a supportive community for residents.

Central to Te Ō is the Single Site Supported Housing model, the first of its kind in Wellington. This model ensures that residents not only have a place to call home but also have access to comprehensive support services right at their doorstep, provided by Wellington City Mission. From employment assistance and healthcare to budgeting advice and skill development workshops, the aim is to foster a supportive environment that enhances the well-being of every resident.

Vicki McLaren, Kāinga Ora Regional Director for the Greater Wellington Region, emphasises the transformative impact of this approach.

"We're not just building homes; we're creating a community that lifts people up. Rolleston Street is about providing warm, secure, and supportive living spaces for those who need them most," she states. The vision for Te Ō goes beyond physical structures to encompass a holistic approach to community and well-being.

The onsite support for residents will be delivered in partnership with the Wellington City Mission, leveraging their 119 years of experience in supporting Wellington communities. This collaboration promises to bring a wealth of knowledge and care to the residents, ensuring that the support provided is both meaningful and tailored to meet their needs.

"The Wellington City Mission's involvement in Te Ō is a game-changer. Their dedication to supporting families across various settings in the region means we're able to offer a level of care and support that truly makes a difference," McLaren adds.

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View of the new Rolleston Street development in Wellington

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Page updated: 4 April 2024