HobsonvillePoint AERIAL DJI 0285 cropped Our urban development story

Urban development is central to how Kāinga Ora is creating and contributing to thriving communities. We partner with iwi, Government agencies, organisations and communities to connect people with jobs, transport, open spaces, facilities and the homes they need.

Urban development strategy cover cropped Urban Development Strategy

Our Urban Development Strategy focuses on how we will continue to positively transform and deliver successful urban development across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Banner Medium Density Urban development large-scale projects

Kāinga Ora plans to deliver over 40,000 new, warm, dry homes throughout the country in its large scale urban development projects. These will be a mix of social, market and affordable homes built over the next 20 years.

Northcote Building climate resilient homes and communities

We recognise the importance of building homes and communities that are resilient to our changing climate.

Ferncliffe Farm Sh29 764 01 Hero 2 Our Land Programme

The Kāinga Ora Land Programme was established to acquire and develop land to increase housing supply and improve affordability in areas of need.

Specified Development Projects

The Urban Development Act 2020 empowers Kāinga Ora to initiate, facilitate, and undertake urban development that contributes to sustainable, inclusive, and thriving communities.

Kāinga Ora submissions on district plans

For New Zealand towns and cities to be diverse and thriving centres, we need to ensure we have enough warm, dry, healthy homes close to jobs, education, public transport and important amenities.