Sometimes your home or flat will need repairs. What we can do for you and what you might be able to do yourself.

Urgent repairs

Call us on 0800 801 601 and select 'option 4 - repairs and maintenance', anytime.

Urgent repairs are problems that affect your health and safety. We'll fix these within 4 hours, wherever possible.

Urgent repairs can include:

  • blocked drains, toilet or sewage problems
  • gas leaks or bad water leaks
  • no power or hot water
  • electrical faults.

You may be charged a call-out fee if someone is not home to let in the contractor. 

General repairs

Call us on 0800 801 601 and select 'option 4 - repairs and maintenance', Monday to Friday between 8am - 6pm.

If the work isn't urgent we'll get a contractor to size the job within 10 working days.

They may decide that the job needs to be done as soon as possible or that the job becomes part of our planned maintenance programme. Often it makes sense to do a repair, like painting or upgrades over several houses at once rather than doing a repair separately. We will work with you on the best solution.

Type of maintenance Target response time
Urgent health and safety maintenance responses 4 hours
Urgent responsive maintenance (not health and safety-related) 48 hours
General responsive maintenance (non-urgent maintenance) 10 days
Responsive scope (larger defects or follow on work after a temporary repair has been done) 30 days

Doing my own maintenance repairs

If you want to do some maintenance around your house, talk with us first at the Customer Support Centre on 0800 801 601 and select 'option 4 - repairs and maintenance'.

You may do small repairs like tightening screws and changing light bulbs on your own.

You don't need to call us about these jobs unless you are not confident doing them yourself or if you don't have the right tools to do the job safely.

We have standards that must be met and will check your work. If it doesn't meet our standards contractors may have to redo the work, which you might have to pay for.

Page updated: 1 October 2019