MyHNZ is a portal for you to make basic queries online. If you have access to MyHNZ there is a range of things you can do.

What is MyHNZ

We want to support you, our tenants to move with the times!
MyHNZ is a portal for you to make basic queries online, similar to MyMSD and MyIR.

Our first MyHNZ release is with a group of invited tenants, we’re adding more people each week. We’re making sure our new tool is the best it can be when we roll it out widely to everyone.

Over time we’ll add more information and things for you to do.

What MyHNZ does

If you have access to MyHNZ there is a range of things you can do and we’re continuing to add more. So far, if you're online with us, you can:

  • Check the balances of your accounts and see your account history for the last 3 months.
  • Check your profile information (Name, Customer Reference, Mobile phone numbers, email address, emergency contacts, and your Tenancy Manager).
  • Check upcoming rent payments and appointments (such as annual inspections).
  • Create a PDF of your past payments to your rent and repairs account.
  • Get access to 1737, the Wellbeing service.
  • If you’re making payments to get on top of your rent or maintenance account you can now easily see it.
  • Check the bank account details we have for you if we are refunding you money.
  • See a message noting all your new features just added.
  • View all responsive maintenance.
  • Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions with the Guidance Cards.

Register Your Interest

Right now it's available by invitation only. If you’d like to be part of the rollout you can register your interest by completing the form below and we’ll give you a call.

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Save MyHNZ for easy access

Once you're registered for MyHNZ use this quick reference guide is to help you save the MyHNZ web link onto your mobile phone Home screen.

Download the reference guide.

Contact Us

We have a dedicated MyHNZ team to answer your questions and help you with anything MyHNZ-related.

Contact us if you:

  • have a question about MyHNZ
  • are using MyHNZ and want to give us feedback
  • would like to make suggestions about MyHNZ.


Page updated: 1 October 2019