The purpose of the Environment Strategy is to set a clear environmental direction for Kāinga Ora to address our impacts and areas of influence. This Strategy outlines:

  • Kāinga Ora’s key environmental impacts
  • opportunities for Kāinga Ora to reduce its impacts.

The Environment Strategy aims to reduce the impact of our operations, our build programme and our assets on the natural environment. If successfully executed the Environment Strategy will mean:

  • our operations are environmentally sustainable
  • we own and deliver sustainable, resilient assets
  • our customers are empowered to live in an environmentally sustainable way.

Going forward Kāinga Ora will be investigating opportunities to:

  • reduce the emissions produced by our homes, our construction programme and our operations
  • reduce the waste produced by our construction programme, our operations and our customers
  • improve the native biodiversity, green spaces and air quality in our communities.

Environment Strategy summary [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Page updated: 21 November 2019