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  • Location:

    Puroto Street, Meadowbank, Auckland, Auckland
  • Land area:

    1,329 sqm
  • Type:

    Walk-up apartments
  • Total new homes:

  • Rooms:

    6 two-bedroom and 3 three-bedroom
  • Status:

    Estimated completion second half 2024

Community engagement and resources

To help meet the high demand for housing in Auckland, 9 new homes are being built on the 2 vacant sites in Puroto St.   These modern, warm and dry houses will be located within walking distance to the Meadowbank Train Station.

Whats planned

  • There will be 3x three-level walk-up apartments
  • The buildings will configure 6 two-bedroom and 3 three-bedroom apartments.
  • Three of the apartments will be fully accessible to meet the needs of those with mobility needs.
  • Have an outside garden, deck or balcony area and off-street parking
  • Internal road and 12 carparks (including 2 accessible parks)
  • Planting of fruit trees and native plants

Engagement Summary

Between January 2021 and July 2021, we informed the community and key stakeholders of upcoming redevelopment in this area and invited them to share their thoughts to help inform the resource consent applications.

What we did:

  • Ōrākei Construction Newsletter April update(external link) sent out to a 250+ subscribers. To receive the bi-monthly update, please email Centraleastakl.region@kaingaora.govt.nz with your name, address or property of interest and ask to be added to the Ōrākei Construction Update.
  • Sent letters and flyers to neighbours and stakeholders
  • Several updates and a brief to the Orakei Ward elected member and members of the Orakei Local Board
  • Held a drop-in session where over 80 people engaged with us around our Meadowbank redevelopments.
  • Around 40 individual responded to our questions.
  • Reviewed and responded to individual questions and feedback.
  • Updated our website with information

What we’ve done:

  • All feedback was received or reviewed by the project team and where possible integrated into the design process through our architects.
  • For respondents who had specific questions around design, building processes and timeframes, we responded directly to their enquires through our stakeholder manager’s email and phone.
  • The information has been shared with the community, through letters, a community drop-in session and our website.


Contact us

For any questions, to provide feedback, or to sign up to our database to be kept up to date with this development, please contact a Central East Stakeholder Relationship Manager, email centraleastakl.region@kaingaora.govt.nz or Freephone 0800 801 601 and ask to be transferred.

Page updated: 2 May 2022