Oxford Terrace

  • Location:

    Oxford Terrace, Epuni
  • Land area:

    2,724 sqm
  • Type:

  • Total new homes:

  • Rooms:

    All homes are one-bedroom
  • Status:

    Estimated start date first half 2019

Design change

January 2020 - After completing ground surveys and further research on costing, it was deemed unfeasible to build the original plan and was subsequently changed to now be 32 one-bedroom apartments, across two new 3-story buildings.

One of these new buildings will be a walk up, while the other has a lift and will be designed and aimed towards elderly or disabled tenants. The new, low maintenance units will be fully insulated, with carpets, curtains

Community engagement

January 2020 - We delivered factsheets [PDF, 324 KB] to surrounding community providing information about our plans, and the design change to the development.

October 2017 - We delivered factsheets [PDF, 209 KB] to surrounding community providing information about our plans.

For more information

Contact Renee Regal, Senior Stakeholder Relationship Manager, by phone 021 998 724 or email or freephone 0800 801 601 (ask to be transferred)