The public housing need in Aotearoa is dynamic and challenging, and we need to be agile in addressing these challenges. We are demonstrating this agility through our redevelopment work throughout the country.

Kāinga Ora is responsible for delivering large scale developments, including affordable and market housing, as well as a complex build programme on brownfield sites that are changing communities across New Zealand.

This includes the largest build programme of state housing in decades, with over 5,000 new houses built in the last three and half years and in the longer term our large scale development projects are expected to deliver up to 40,000 state, affordable and market homes over 15 to 20 years.

We’re also making our older homes, warmer, drier and healthier through a renewal programme which will see 75% of our properties upgraded over the next 20 years, improving their durability and energy efficiency, and supporting better health outcomes for our customers.

Over the past year (2020/2021), we delivered 2,432 newly built state homes - the highest number in a generation.

We added 1,194 newly built more homes in Auckland in the past financial year, with over 120 developments throughout the city with hundreds of more homes delivered in other cities and towns throughout New Zealand.

At the end of June 2021, we had around 3,500 public homes under construction or under contract, and 3,310 in the consenting and procurement process. Over next 3 years, we have 10,770 homes in planning urban development.

We currently own or manage over 686,000 properties providing homes for over 187,000 people. In just this last financial year, we had the privilege of welcoming over 5,000 new tenancies / or over 10,000 people into their first Kāinga Ora home.

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Page updated: 5 October 2021