That’s why we’re contracting build partners for the long-term who can help us achieve production efficiencies, as well as innovate materials and offsite build techniques. It’s a new way of thinking and building.

Kāinga Ora’s intended build programme

We are embarking on New Zealand’s largest state-backed housing programme in decades. Over the next 10 years we will transition from a small scale of delivery to providing close to 2,000 sustainable new state homes each year, as well as a large number of refurbishments.

We are looking to make changes and improve, for example: the key areas of time taken to build, cost, quality and health and safety. We are also open to innovations in other areas. To do this we must operate more efficiently to deliver at this scale. Our intended construction programme over the next 10 years will see the delivery of around 19,000 homes over the period. The Housing and Urban Development Authority may influence our build intentions which will be reviewed and communicated once any potential legislation has been confirmed.

We invite build partners, materials and service suppliers to come on this journey with us. Find out more about supplying goods and services to Kāinga Ora.

Kāinga Ora’s new way of working

Kāinga Ora is moving to a new way of working with the construction industry. We want to make our size and continuity of building activity work for us and our partners when procuring the large amounts of materials and labour needed to deliver the state homes New Zealanders need.

We are inviting industry partners, current and prospective, to come to us with ideas on how to deliver new homes at scale and pace through the use of innovative building methods and materials.

Kāinga Ora is:

  1. Signing capacity partnering agreements with our build partners for the delivery of a set volume of state homes each year and over a longer time period, e.g. for up to three years , rather than on a project by project basis.
  2. Using our scale and our forward planning to purchase construction materials and components across our entire build programme and, where possible, direct from the manufacturer.

These two changes will enable our build and materials partners to confidently invest in plant and people,  enabling Kāinga Ora to deliver more homes more efficiently and will ultimately mean we can house greater numbers of New Zealanders – benefitting both tenants and taxpayers.

We’ll have more information on our new contracting methods soon.

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Page updated: 24 October 2019