The guides are for everyone involved in construction or building work on Kāinga Ora homes. It provides a consistent development model and a set of performance-based design guidelines.

They describe our design and build process from start to finish, making it an indispensable guide for anyone working or thinking about working on one of our housing projects.

State housing

Simple guide

The Simple Guide has been developed to challenge architects to challenge the accepted norm in social housing design. In ‘Simple’ terms, where once we had requirements, the Guide now outlines ambitious expectations. Through this we are seeking interpretations that create variety, rather than prescriptions that lead to uniformity.

The Simple Guide [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Snapshot toolkit [PDF, 176 KB]

Landscaping guide

The Landscape Design Guide for State Housing is Kāinga Ora’s first official guide on landscaping standards for all of our state housing and transitional housing developments.

Landscaping design guidelines [PDF, 16 MB]

Large-Scale Urban Development

These guidelines guide our own organisation and our delivery partners, with the aim of ensuring that the built environment we deliver facilitates positive social outcomes. They help all parties involved in planning and design know what is required to meet our core objective of creating neighbourhoods that support the wellbeing of our communities.  

Module 1A: The Design Guide [PDF, 11 MB] - this module sets out the design outcomes which are required of our delivery partners, including masterplanners, architects and landscape designers.

Module 1B: The Built Environment [PDF, 16 MB] - explores the detail of how to achieve our design outcomes in order to deliver housing and the public realm well.

Module 1C: The Approval Process [PDF, 2.1 MB] - find out about the design review process for developments.

Module 3A: Small Homes [PDF, 3.4 MB] - This supplementary module sets out the design requirements that apply specifically to small houses, in addition to the guidance related to their respective typology. 

Module 3B: Living with Children at Density [PDF, 7 MB] - This supplementary module gives guidance for designing density with children in mind.

Module 3C: Waste Management [PDF, 5.3 MB] - This supplementary module gives guidance for waste management in multi-unit developments and is applicable to a variety of housing typologies.

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Ki Te Hau Kainga - New Perspectives on Maori Housing Solutions

New housing solutions tailored to the specific needs of Māori communities are fundamental to Māori social, cultural and economic aspirations in the 21st century. In all cases, it is essential Māori housing solutions are conceived, planned and delivered with the Māori community.

Ki te hau kainga new perspectives on maori housing solutions [PDF, 2.9 MB]

Pacific Housing Design Guide

The Pacific Housing Design Guide [PDF, 5 MB] aims to provide tangible solutions through design guidelines for creating better housing for Pacific people. This design guide has been developed by Pacific designers in consultation with Pacific communities at the instigation of Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities.

Fences - Standard design sheets

If your property borders our property and you have plans for the fence-line, we may consider contributing to the cost of a new fence or an improvement to an existing fence, but you'll need to give us written notice.

Wire mesh timber fence details standard detail [PDF, 163 KB]

The proposed fence should meet our minimum fencing specifications.

Page updated: 28 May 2020