Our Sustainability Financing Framework (Framework), explicitly recognises the role we play in improving wellbeing outcomes for New Zealanders, and enables us to link our financing requirements accordingly. The Framework is reviewed annually by an external provider.

Read our Sustainability Financing Framework [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Commitment to sustainability

We recognise the potential for carbon emissions of buildings to contribute to global warming and acknowledge the importance of generating both positive environmental and social outcomes through our operations, build programmes and influence on customers.

Our vision for sustainability is strategically aligned with Government commitments to international agreements, including the United Nations Paris Agreement, and Sustainable Development Goals(external link) (SDGs).

We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by implementing our Customer Strategy and Programme, Environment Strategy and key measures of success outlined in the 2017-2021 Statement of Intent.

Commitment to wellbeing

We are committed to sustaining and growing intergenerational wellbeing

The New Zealand Living Standards Framework(external link) (LSF) was developed by The New Zealand Treasury in order to measure and analyse intergenerational wellbeing.

The LSF aims to deliver better policy advice to Ministers targeted at improving living standards and which takes into account the impact on New Zealand’s current and future stocks and flows of wellbeing.  The LSF also allows comparisons of wellbeing across population groups and internationally to identify where New Zealand’s living standards may fall short.

We appreciate that public housing and wrap around services for people in need are an important source of wellbeing, with potential impacts on the four capitals which form the base of the LSF:

  • financial and physical capital
  • human capital
  • natural capital, and
  • social capital.

The four capitals are interrelated. For example, constructing new public housing contributes to New Zealand’s financial and physical capital but also potentially improves living standards for tenants by reducing overcrowding. This, in turn, can lead to better health outcomes for tenants and provides greater housing stability, which can lead to better education outcomes for children, thus also benefitting human capital.

Wellbeing Bonds

Wellbeing Bonds are a Sustainability Financing Transaction within the Framework. Wellbeing Bonds are Sustainability Bonds that are also aligned with the New Zealand Treasury’s Living Standards Framework, and reinforce Kāinga Ora’s focus of supporting the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

Further information around bonds on issue is on our Debt and ratings page.

Sustainability Financing Impact Reports

Our annual Sustainability Financing Impact Report covers core components of the Framework, including Use of Proceeds as well as key information related to the reporting period.

2019-20 Sustainability Financing Impact Report [PDF, 2.6 MB]

2018-19 Sustainability Financing Impact Report [PDF, 898 KB]

Key issuer documents

For key issuer documents about our sustainability and wellbeing go to our Presentations and publications page.


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