• Location:

    Oxford Terrace, Epuni
  • Land area:

    2,724 sqm
  • Type:

  • Total new homes:

  • Rooms:

    All homes are one-bedroom
  • Status:

    Estimated start date first half 2019

Design change

January 2020 - After completing ground surveys and further research on costing, it was deemed unfeasible to build the original plan and was subsequently changed to now be 32 one-bedroom apartments, across two new 3-story buildings.

One of these new buildings will be a walk up, while the other has a lift and will be designed and aimed towards elderly or disabled tenants. The new, low maintenance units will be fully insulated, with carpets, curtains

Community engagement

February 2021 - New housing coming factsheet [PDF, 811 KB]

January 2020 - We delivered factsheets [PDF, 324 KB] to surrounding community providing information about our plans, and the design change to the development.

October 2017 - We delivered factsheets [PDF, 209 KB] to surrounding community providing information about our plans.

For more information

If you have any questions, please contact Jo Burleigh, Senior Stakeholder Relationship Manager:

Page updated: 24 August 2021