Supportive housing combines public housing with services that help people live more stable, productive lives. It is developed by packaging housing together with flexible supportive services that are designed to meet each person’s individual needs.

The majority of today’s customers housed off the housing register in the city centre are single with a complex range of housing and social support needs. Developing 139 Greys Ave will enable us to build a purpose built building designed to best help the needs of our tenants and community. It’s important that we provide our customers with the necessary housing stability which is a fundamental requirement in targeting the barriers that hinder their personal wellbeing.

Within a safe and secure environment we will help our customers build social support networks and access services including healthcare, counselling, budgeting, skills development, and employment assistance that will empower them and enable them to live stable lives with dignity.

Design – the design has been developed for great outcomes. This includes creating welcoming environments that include community spaces (inside and out). Good urban design that promotes circulation space, ventilation and natural light all contributes to positive wellbeing outcomes.

Customer mix – there will be a diverse mixture of tenants of varying needs, some may have lived experienced homelessness. We want to deliver the best possible service to our tenants so they can live successfully and sustain their tenancy. We are also creating a large number of accessible homes to enable tenants who require additional accessibility are able to live within the CBD.

Safety and creating a welcoming space – a concierge service will be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to greet everyone as they enter the building creating welcoming and friendly access for all who enter the building . Well designed entrance, lobbies, front desk and security cameras will operate throughout the building.

Support services – on-site support services offer a holistic, inter-agency service delivery model that will support our customers and the thriving community.

Community inclusion – education programmes, activities, shared communal kitchen, community rooms and outreach programmes. All aspects of supportive housing which aims to create empowerment and independence for individuals as well as a thriving community we can all be proud of.

Page updated: 9 December 2019