Edgewater Ext Building A South West corner Final01 Is Auckland’s best model for growth right in front of our eyes?

Over the next two decades Auckland is going to become markedly more dense. A lot of that increased density will arrive in the form of suburban apartments.

142A5673 Piritahi One Year On

A little over a year ago a new civil works alliance named Piritahi was formed to deliver a $750m programme of work over a five-year period.

424A9577 Creating a sense of place for Mt Roskill community

The people who call Mt Roskill home are helping to shape the community’s future.

Sustainability at the core Putting sustainability at the core of our new communities

Sustainability measures have been ‘baked into’ Hobsonville Point - Auckland’s fastest-growing new township - since its inception ten years ago.

142A7296 Putting community at the centre of urban development

Putting the community at the centre of suburban development in Auckland is essential to creating a sense of ownership and pride of place for residents.

IMG 6564 Downsizing the Kiwi Dream: How good design compensates for less space

In 2014, HLC ran an experiment. We wanted to see if there was a market for smaller homes. Not just slightly smaller homes, but much smaller.

PARK FEB17 0430 How Innovative Urban Design is Safeguarding Water Quality at Hobsonville Point

You only need to look at Hobsonville Point from above to understand the importance of managing water on site.

Northcote College Workshop Northcote Greenway: Weaving the strands of community together

Northcote residents and students are providing valuable input to the design of the Awataha Greenway so that it becomes a place that is treasured by the community.

Hobsonville Point events How events build a sense of community at Hobsonville Point

Building quality houses is an important part of HLC’s work. But getting people out of those houses and interacting with one another and their environment is crucial to building a sense of community.

Innovative design Innovative design philosophy guides HLC’s housing developments

A design philosophy that places quality, connectedness and wellbeing at the heart of housing projects is guiding HLC’s development of world-class neighbourhoods in Auckland.

Hobsonville ferry Hobsonville Point community floats weekend ferry trial

Community spirit and collaboration were the driving forces behind a new weekend ferry service at Hobsonville Point.

Higher Densitiy Liveability Study shows higher density at Hobsonville Point enhances liveability

Hobsonville Point is emerging as a positive example of how higher density housing can strengthen communities and enhance liveability.

Quick build innovation Quick build innovation trialled at Hobsonville Point

At Hobsonville Point, a number of innovations are underway that aim to deliver more high quality homes for Aucklanders, more quickly than ever before.

Aucklands surprising about face on density Auckland's surprising about-face on density

Faced with an increasing population, a housing shortage, and rising construction costs, Aucklanders are quickly beginning to embrace density.

NewGroundCapital Hobsonville Point homes first in planned ‘evolution’ of New Zealand’s residential rental market

More New Zealanders are renting than ever before, and the ranks of ‘generation rent’ are predicted to continue to swell.

NovaDeco apartment block Modular housing: An innovative solution to New Zealand’s housing problem

HLC’s commitment to delivering affordable homes for New Zealanders has taken two HLC staff as far afield as China.

karin wallmueller gat sargfabrik Embracing higher density housing is a positive sign that Auckland is growing up

Increasing the density of our existing neighbourhoods is key to solving Auckland’s housing challenge. But where do we find enough spare land to make an impact?