What is the purpose of the programme?

The Auckland Housing Programme (AHP) will ensure that more high quality homes are provided to Aucklanders more quickly. The programme will deliver a mix of state housing, affordable homes for first homebuyers, and homes to the general market.

Where will the land come from?

Appropriate Kāinga Ora sites have been selected for development, with others being identified all the time. In these selected sites, old and tired state housing will be removed and replaced with new, warm, healthy homes. By using Kāinga Ora land more efficiently we are able to increase the amount of state housing available to Aucklanders, and provide more homes to the market.

How many homes will be built?

The AHP has been in operation since June 2016. Over 10 years it will deliver:

  • around 5,200 additional new state housing homes
  • around 12,800 new affordable and market homes.

How will so many new homes be built quickly?

The Auckland Housing Programme is made up of a variety of small, medium and large scale developments.

The Kāinga Ora team responsible for the development of the highly successful Hobsonville Point, is planning and managing some of the larger developments on Kāinga Ora land within the Auckland Housing Programme, including at Northcote, Mt Roskill, Mangere and Oranga.

There are about 120 other Kāinga Ora sites where smaller or medium-sized developments are underway to better utilise land and increase the supply of homes.

We're working with the building industry to create smarter, faster, more innovative ways to support Auckland's growth.

Will the community have a say?

Each development will be carried out with the input and involvement of local community stakeholders. As well as addressing Auckland's need for more homes, each development will bring benefits to the community. These benefits will vary depending on the scale of the development, the area's infrastructure and amenity needs, and on local community aspirations.

What will happen to the current Kāinga Ora tenants?

Kāinga Ora has a dedicated tenancy liaison team that works one-on-one with tenants affected by development. This includes working closely with tenants to find them an alternative Kāinga Ora home that suits their needs, and covering all reasonable costs associated with their move.

Will the construction affect me if I live in the neighbourhood?

It depends on the scale of development we will undertake in your area. For smaller sites, unless you are an immediate neighbour you are unlikely to be significantly affected. For the larger developments there will be impacts on the wider community. We will manage construction to reduce those impacts and will keep locals informed.

Page updated: 9 December 2019